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Construction Equipment

There are many kinds of construction equipment. From cranes to skid steers, from forklifts to tractors, these machines are found by the millions all over the world. The construction industry has long been one of the largest industries in today’s world. It employs millions of people who build everything from simple homes and driveways to complex skyscrapers and shopping malls. We’ll now explain the following four basic types of construction equipment: cranes, forklifts, skid steers (often called bobcat loaders) and tractors.

Cranes are towers that use cables and pulleys to raise and lower materials. You can also use cranes to manufacture heavy equipment. Cranes usually consist of a steel boom mounted on a movable platform. The boom is hinged at the bottom and can be raised and lowered by cables. You can suspend a hook from the top of the boom by cables and pulleys. Electric motors control the cables. By adding a demolition ball or a bucket, you can convert cranes into a demolition crane or an earthmover. Tower cranes offer the best combination of height and power and are often used to construct tall buildings.

Forklifts are special trucks that move materials using steel forks inserted under the load. Most forklifts consist of several integrated parts. A heavy counterweight at the back of the truck provides balance when you pick up heavy loads of material. The hydraulically operated mast lifts and lowers the load. Most forklifts can lift and move one to five ton loads. Forklifts have rear-wheel steering, which makes steering more difficult.

Skid steers (or bobcat loaders) are smaller machines used digging and for moving material. Most bobcat / skid steers have four wheels, but some have tracks for better traction. You can expect bobcat / skid steers to be easy to use, with their simple hydrostatic transmissions and joystick bucket control. Some bobcat / skid steers even have multiple steering modes.

Tractors are large machines made to pull and/or power other objects. There are many kinds of tractors. Farm tractors pull machinery or trailers for plowing and similar tasks. They typically have two large rear wheels and two small front wheels. Most tractors have a manual transmission. Tractors also typically have a rollover protection system (a steel beam or frame above the driver’s seat) that keeps the driver from being crushed if the tractor rolls over.

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