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An Overview of Construction Management

Construction management is a process through which a construction company provides important consultancy for the management of the different projects. It gives its valuable service to private as well as public sector for industrial projects. Construction Company usually has a team of technician, knowledgeable personnel and civil engineers for efficient and effective management of conduction related project. The company gets the order for industrial construction from the owner of the project and signed a legal contract. The contract specified different important matters related to the project such as duration, Budget, quality and cost of delivery etc. After getting the project company starts work for the project management in the following manner like:

The planning process for the new project is an initial stage. Company must plan carefully what to do from the start to the end of the project. In another words a road map is created for the construction manager and it includes:

  • Determine the target, goals and the objective for the construction manager and its team.
  • Identification and the allocation of the resources e.g. human resources, physical resources, financial resources and informational resources are made carefully and diligently.
  • A team of specialist, technician and engineer personnel is made for efficient working on the project.

The second most important work is the organizing by which all the human resources related to construction project are hired and trained so that a team is made for the work done. This process includes:

  • Provide the appropriate direction to the construction manager and its team.
  • Identify the reporting relationship among the manager and its team.
  • Define adequate duties, responsibilities and authority so that nobody is remaining confused in his/ her position.

The third step of leading is also very important as it is indispensable for the suitable working of the team and it may cover following points:

  • Active and necessary involvements of team in the decision making process.
  • Construction manager must create an environment of trust, co-operation and commitment during the work on the project.
  • Construction manager must use motivation tools and techniques for encouragement of team members.

The last step of controlling is essential for the progress of the construction project involved as it requires effective monitoring of project during the each and every stage of project’s life cycle. The company should keep few points into consideration like:

  • Establish attainable, specific and measurable standards that indicate the performance of the actual project.
  • Company should measure the performance of construction manger and his team.
  • Compare the performance with the standards, three results are possible:
  • Performance meets the standard: its means project teams do their job with utmost care.

Performance exceeds the standards: it means project members do the work beyond the Reward of expectation; a company should reward their personnel in this situation.